Monday, 13 December 2010

Integrated Theory and Practice: Mind Mapping and organisation

In order to design an effective solution for what we wish to communicate, we have to explore the content of our design problem. 
Mind mapping allows us to put our thoughts down on paper and make connections to new ideas by exploring many different aspects of the subject matter. For example, for my health campaign brief about drinking water, I began by researching dehydration and the health benefits of drinking water. I also put down all my ideas about water as the subject so that I could get an idea of what imagery I could use and would be memorable in a campaign. 
I decided to explore my ideas on how the campaign could appeal to children as the target audience by making water seem more fun so that they would take an interest in their health. I continued my research into the subject so that I could define a target audience. I noted how I could inform the elderly about dehydration and the tone of voice to use for different audiences, and where the information could be so that it reaches the public. 
Throughout my project i returned again and again to idea of the mind map in order to 'go back to the drawing board' for new ideas and approaches to my final outcome. 

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