Sunday, 27 February 2011


Went to Worcester yesterday... visited the cathedral, and the museum. So here are some of my photos:

Really tiny gloves!
Worcester is well known for its history in glove making. It was so common in 'the olden days' that now their saying has developed- when talking about a 'Tom, Dick or Harry', when we might say here in the West Mids a 'Joe Blogs', they would say 'Joe Glover'.
some nice old pharmaceutical product packaging

 some 19th-20th century shoes- they were really small AND the heel must have been about 4 or 5 inches high! - I wouldn't like to try wearing those on a night out!
some more old leather shoes- bit more of a sensible heels on these ones!

More pharmaceuticals 

and more...

and even more!

Worcester sauce was made here. They had problems with people calling their recipes by the same name- so anyone can call theirs Worcester Sauce, but only Lea and Perrins' can call theirs original.

some old bottles and packaging of worcester sauce

Not too sure what this was for, but a lot of work definitely went into making it!

an old tin sign

Chinese Lea and Perrins' sauce advert

Chinese dragon

Look at the frogging on that!!

A nice bit of plastic signage

Iron railing art

Morris Minor

Antiques shop

Worcester Cathedral

A lot of nice stained glass in there!

HUGE bells

More amazing stained glass

This window was the biggest i've ever seen!

typography cast into one of the bells

The outside- looks quite spooky...

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