Friday, 4 March 2011

Book Cover Design: The Book Of General Ignorance

Re-designing the cover for this book proved very exciting- there was so much imagery to go on, as the book is so full of varied facts, on many different topics. As it is based on a comedy entertainment TV programme, i decided to go for a humorous approach. The original cover was not so enticing, nor inviting to those who many not have seen the programme, as the images were of the people which it features. I wanted to put across the intrigue which I experienced while reading the book, and in turn attract a new audience of inquisitive people by designing an interesting, comical and vibrant cover.

original cover:


My Emotional Chameleons:
This book is full of facts, which are commonly misconceived, put right. Their strap line sums this up: 'everything you think you know is wrong'.
Chameleons are thought to change colour to blend into their environment, but this not true. They in fact change colour depending on their emotional states. This is what inspired my bold, child-like illustrations of chameleons, to make fun of those who have 'general ignorance', in a innocent, comical way.

My final design:

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